In His Name

We, the Bavands, are a group of young and experienced teachers who, with years of experience teaching in the most prestigious schools in the country and access to reputable scientific sources, have found that different needs manifest themselves in the learning minds of children who are going through the most important period of their lives. Common and unique needs that differentiate children from each other and form their independent personalities

Thus, by designing a learning process in accordance with the needs of children and parents, we have endeavored to discover the unique needs of children and by combining them with the common needs provide quality services with the goal of cultivating the mind of the learner. These services begin with a professional analysis of children’s needs and suggestion of appropriate activities for them which include games-educational packages and then, with the support of these experienced educators, the child’s learning process becomes simplified.

We have redesigned elementary mathematics and science lessons based on children’s common need to play so that each student can experience enjoyable learning along with games (playing) over and over again.

We also made working with objective content and learning through experimentation, based on the common needs of children, one of the most important principles of our work and designed the games in such a way that students come to grips with the real world while learning the content of their textbooks through games (play) and form their knowledge.

Based on theoretical research and the experience of teachers who, for years, have faced the challenge of learning and how students are taught, the role of excitement in learning is undeniable. Hence, in designing the Bavand games, creating excitement to improve the learning process has been one of the key factors.

We also used storytelling as a way to enhance the imagination to be effective in learning, consolidation and increasing children’s knowledge. Because the unique and endless imagination of every human being can ease the hardest tasks and the most difficult paths and increase the desire to learn, especially in children.

In addition to the above-mentioned items, the details of many of the common and unique needs of children and, of course, parents as guardians of the child’s education were influential in the design process of the “experience with Bavand”. The unique experiences that we have tried to create, using the latest knowledge of education, and simple, accurate and quality tools, is to create lasting and enjoyable memories of learning for our children and parents.


                                                                                                                             Bavand Group